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  1. WK2 SRT8 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / D
    Hi all! I have a 2012 JEEP SRT8 with 70k miles that makes a clunking noise when going over both small bumps, big bumps and man hole covers. To me it the noise existed before but now its gotten louder. Even when I turn the steering wheel left/right rapidly I can hear it slightly. I took it a...
  2. WK1 SRT8 General Discussion
    Hey whats up everyone, was wanting to get your input on which shocks to get for my 06 Jeep. I have the lowering springs on it, but now I pretty much slam on every "bigger" bump I hit, mainly the rear end. Also some very slight creaking in the rear. So basically I want to stiffen it up a bit. The...
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Like the title says, I'm looking for a rear set of Stage6 QA1 shocks for my WK1. New or used.
  4. WK1 Suspension / Driveline Discussion
    I'll be lowering my rig in a few days and I'm wondering if anyone has torque values for reassembly. I've seen in some posts a value here or there but is there a more complete list? I'll be installing lowering springs, upper control arms and rear shocks.
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    If anyone has a set of the stage6 rear shocks I'm interested. I'm heading home in a few days and want to lower my jeep. I have all the parts but I want the stage6 shocks as well. I want to do all the work at the same time. I don't have enough time to order a new set because they won't make it in...
1-5 of 5 Results