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  1. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to purchase Road Magnet Springs sold by Bwoody for a WK1 SRT8. Thank you.
  2. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I know it's a long shot but if anyone is selling Bwoody/Road Magnet lowering springs for a WK1 let me know I'm interested. Can't find them anywhere.
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    2014 Road Magnet Aggressive Springs USED 4 Months - $ 200 SHIPPED Decided to switch to the Mid-Level as this is my daily driver. Springs are powder coated Red. Originally from Black Ops. PM with any questions. Also have BWoody End Links available and will have BWoody Rear Control Arms...
  4. Product/Vendor & Buyer/Seller Reviews
    To our valued customers: As of February 27, 2015, Bwoody Performance has come to the decision that we can no longer carry, wholesale, distribute, or promote Road Magnet Performance Springs. Unfortunately, we have come to this difficult decision after a long partnership due to the new...
  5. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    Ive been looking to add performance onto my stock rig, so i figured to start with the boltons ive seen these obx headers around the web but can't find any reviews from anyone. Wondering if anyone can give me any pointers on these things.
  6. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Everytime i run my truck at 65+ the temp runs up to about 230-235 I got a jet 180° tstat but dont have a tuner & i have heard that it is common for them to get stuck... Problem only happens at 65+ any idea what it could be the cause of this?
  7. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    I recently added a 1.1F/1.8R road magnet lowering spring kit on my 06 and the ride is terrible.. so im guessing it's the shocks... Any idea on what are the best one's to fix my problem?
  8. WK1 Suspension / Driveline Discussion
    Is there a general consensus by the community about which setup is best for a daily driver? There are millions of threads and posts about each product which I feel I've read them all. I only want a setup that won't bottom out and won't feel like the squirmy oem springs. Currently have bc...
  9. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    These were purchased in late 2007 or early 2008 by Hennessey when they were originally installed on my Jeep SRT8. I swapped them for H&R's due to the overall ride and the roads around here. They are in great shape and the powder coat appears to be in good shape and not cracking or peeling. I...
1-10 of 10 Results