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  1. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    I have an 06 SRT with stage 1 heads and intake along with a stage 2 cam from hhp along with the kooks longtubes Mopar CAI 180 thermostat and a stage 2 valve body for the trans. I am and enlisted member of our glorious armed forces so big ticket install and projects are rare. so the question...
  2. WK1 SRT8 General Discussion
    ok i got some money to spend but dont know what to spend it on i l already have a cai, tuner, projector halo lights,8000k fog lights, interior leds,rear for lights hooked up, 2 12in subs 650wat amp, srt badge on front, a srt sticker across the front windshield, and short antenna so lets hear...
  3. WK1 Tuning/CMR/Dyno/DataLogging/Gauges
    Im almost ready to spray the Jeep:rolleyes:....And i got a few questions about the tuning/ safety of the motor. All help and inputs are welcome.... I still need to order my predator and underdrive pulley and have to pick my Tcm up. Heres a few questions i hope i can get answers for from tuners...
1-3 of 3 Results