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  1. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Hello everyone, Trying to get my Jeep fixed but want to run a few questions by you all first before I throw anymore money at this. * I bought my Jeep with an intermittent CEL that would show P0300/ P0301 (random misfire and misfire on #1). I would change my plugs and coil when it would happen...
  2. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Hey Y'all, I got a few misfires (no CEL) mostly on cold starts. Been monitoring for misfire only the last three drives... I decided to check something other than short knk on my Diablo Trinity so i set it up to monitor for misfires and surprisingly i got a few hits (8 total yesterday and 26...
  3. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Hey, So the other day i put on kooks lt headers with catted mid pipes i also hooked up a diablosport trinity with no custom tune. My jeep now misfires on cylinders 2 4 6 8 so passenger side of the engine. IT doesn't misfire when you have your foot to the floor only at idle and low rpm cruising...
1-3 of 3 Results