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  1. Midwest / Great Lakes
    Alright here we go guys, lets go for the 22nd, that gives us more 3 weeks until then and should hopefully be more clear and out of this polar vortex shiznit! List MichiganSRT8 xrayi Dqdave J&D's SRT's Apps BJB
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I posted a while back asking for help getting a 2009/2010 model. I decided to go with a 2012. I found a black one with 10,300 miles and it's in immaculate condition! Bought it last night and it's a thrill to own. I may not be very active on this forum because I don't plan to...
  3. Midwest / Great Lakes
    Hey guys, I just cant handle it anymore, I wash and wax my rig all the time, but Michigan winters suck and have taken out it wrath on my paint. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who they can vouch for that do good paint corrections? I know its possible to do myself but I dont want to...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, Been lurking around the site for a bit sucking up as much info as possible, and finally got my srt today! A black 07 loaded and sooooo clean. What an unbelievable ride! A 10 minute test drive assured me that i'll have this vehicle till the wheels stop spinning. Already got asked, "is...
  5. Midwest / Great Lakes
    Hey, I saw the thread that was started for sightings in Chicago and I thought I would start one for Michigan after seeing a few in my area. I'm around livingston county a lot and have seen a few either going through my area or in the Ann Arbor area. 1) A silver Hennessey version on 23 south...
1-5 of 5 Results