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  1. WK2 SRT8 General Discussion
    I need to find an experienced SRT mechanic in central/southern CT (I’m in Cheshire). My ‘14 GC SRT has had something going on in the rear since I bought it with 45K. I’d appreciate any recommendations - thank you.
  2. Northwest / Pacific Northwest
    Anyone know of a good shop in the south end? I want to get the eibach pro plus kit installed, but absolutely do NOT want to bust my damn knuckles on it.
  3. West / Southwest
    Just moved back to San Diego a couple months ago and my Jeep (WK1) is acting up. Does anybody know of a decent shop or even can help me themselves get her back on the road. After troubleshooting and listening, I think it needs a new flexplate. Luckily my boss let me borrow the work truck, but I...
  4. Midwest / Great Lakes
    Looking for FABRICATOR & a TOYOTA mechanic in WI/IL/midwest..for 3sgte TRD 2000GT MR2 i am looking for a mechanic who is toyota certified and/or specializes in the toyota MR2 and/or the 3sgte engine which was in the mkII mr2 and celica all-trac. its the 2.0 turbo motor ***LOOKING FOR A...
1-4 of 4 Results