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  1. Detailing Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 2010 srt8 with a carbon fiber interior! I scratched the carbon fiber part around the power buttons window on the door of the passenger side! I looked everywhere and cant find the part anywhere! Can anyone help me or tell me where to go because its driving me nuts thats all i...
  2. WK1 Interior/Exterior Visual Modifications
    The color scheme I'm eventually going for is a murdered/carbon fiber 09. I have already found many CF parts from blackops, such as the front chrome, rear tailstep, mirror backs ect. but I was wondering if I could get the upper and lower chrome strips on the side in CF anywhere or where I could...
  3. WK1 Interior/Exterior Visual Modifications
    likely going to be purchasing a cf medic v1 hood from a member going to a v2 one. anyway, its got a couple things that i want taken to a body shop for and since im there im wondering what way to go about painting it... do i say screw it, get it painted to match do i say paint it to match and...
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    This is my original Carbon Fiber rear step, as I switched to red. This is the one from Fast Hemi's, made by B Ops. Not shipping at the moment.... Hoping someone going to the Hemi Shootout this weekend will pick it up. Paid about $340 new shipped. $250
1-4 of 4 Results