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  1. WK2 SRT8 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / D
    New poster so please forgive if this isn't properly done. And now I can see I've put it in the wrong spot but can't move the thread to the appropriate category :/ I had a 2012 SRT for over a year without having this issue so I am very frustrated. I purchased a 2016 SRT in January 2021. It...
  2. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Recently I noticed a clunk when moving slowly 7-10 mph. Apply the gas clunk, let off the gas clunk. I've also noticed a slight increase in vibration in the steering wheel at higher speeds. It seems to occur somewhere in the area of the transmission/T-case to the rear axle. I've tried to listen...
1-2 of 2 Results