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  1. Track Talk
    I'll skip the labor and just show you the baby; 2006 (corrected year in post edit) SRT8 w 98K Miles. Airraid CAI, Cat back Magnaflow, Diablo i1000 with a 91 octane CAI preinstalled tune. I ran 91 pump gas lastnight and had about 1/4 tank. I might have another 75lbs of dead weight in stereo...
  2. Track Talk
    Just a start, here is a video of a few of the jeep runs... What is funny is the announcer! Please, if you went, post your timeslips or your best times. I will post the videos once I get them all downloaded. My best run: Best and first run of the day: 1st run @ 12:30 60' -- 1.72 330 --...
1-2 of 2 Results