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  1. WK1 Suspension / Driveline Discussion
    Was just curious if anybody has ran 4.11s or similar gears over the stock 3.73s and if the results were noticeable?
  2. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I have an 06 Jeep srt rear differential is in good condition I only need the shell of the the whole assembly I’m looking to buy one used or new willing to travel out of state I’m from California so anywhere near Cali would be great 👍 message me if you have a differential
  3. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    While recently working on my front drive shaft I noticed that the front differential was very warm (not hot - I could still touch it without being burned) after driving the vehicle. I was wondering if this is a sign that the pinion bearing is going bad or is this just due to the close proximity...
  4. High Horse Performance
    With the new release of the Wavetrac Front LSD to match up to the Rear LSD released earlier this year, you can now get the benefits of the Wavetrac Limited Slip on both axles of your Jeep SRT-8. USE COUPON CODE: HHP2012 Links to our webstore: Wavetrac Front LSD for WK SRT-8 Wavetrac Rear LSD...
  5. WK1 Suspension / Driveline Discussion
    Hello there I own a 07 SRT-8. I recently purchased a bwoody CAI, Kooks headers, Borla type-s catback exhaust, billet tech catch can and am looking at getting a cutsom tune from Toona once I get everything installed (Hey it's a start :P). I am wondering at what point a guy needs to start worrying...
  6. WK1 SRT8 General Discussion
    Transfer case needs replaced at 34000 on '07 model Has anyone else had to replace their transfer case (at $4000 in hawaii) I had to have a new transmission installed at about 20000.luckily it was still under warranty. It worked o.k. but I had a transmission leak. It was the only solution they...
  7. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    My 2008 had the rear differential replaced by the dealer and i still get a whining noise when i turn ESP off. You can feel a rough ride and it stumps when it is going to a stop and at low speed. Anyone knows how to solve this?? The dealer tells me they don't have an explanation for it and that...
1-7 of 7 Results