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  1. WK1 Engine Performance/Supercharger/Turbo/Nitrous
    Hey guys my jeep is in the shop right now getting a forged short block put in. I also upgraded the P1 to the D1. Does anyone on here know around how much boost i could expect running the D1 with a 3.4 pulley and the 17% overdrive. How about on a 3.2 pulley also?
  2. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    hey guys i am in the process of upgrading my P1 to the D1 i should be getting it back this week i hope. I will be upgrading the injectors to 80lb from the supplied 52 that procharger sends out. So what i am needing to know is how much power can you run on the boost a pump with the stock fuel...
  3. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    I have an 06 SRT with stage 1 heads and intake along with a stage 2 cam from hhp along with the kooks longtubes Mopar CAI 180 thermostat and a stage 2 valve body for the trans. I am and enlisted member of our glorious armed forces so big ticket install and projects are rare. so the question...
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD --- S/C Procharger D1SC SRT8 HO Tuner Kit (less than 2k miles) Bought the kit in January, put less than 2,000 miles on it. Jeep was making close to 700WHP on this setup, running 14-15PSI. +$250 for ATI 17% Overdrive Dampener What's included: 1 D1SC Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 HO Tuner Kit...
1-4 of 4 Results