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  1. WK2 SRT8 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / D
    Hi I have a couple problems with my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with mopar extended warranty. I went with these problems to a dealer but their "infinite" knowlege surprises me. At the beggining it happens rarely only after few days not starting car, the on cold start, and now sometimes whenever...
  2. WK2 SRT8 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / D
    Hey guys! There's this weird noise from under the hood which comes on on a cold start, im linking a video i uploaded where you can hear that sound. Its like a loud squeak. I asked a few garages and they all said it might be from the engine Starter. not sure if that may be the case... If...
  3. WK1 Troubleshooting / Problems Discussion / Dealer
    Hey Y'all, I got a few misfires (no CEL) mostly on cold starts. Been monitoring for misfire only the last three drives... I decided to check something other than short knk on my Diablo Trinity so i set it up to monitor for misfires and surprisingly i got a few hits (8 total yesterday and 26...
1-3 of 3 Results