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  1. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I’m in Illinois and looking for a hood for a wk1 I’m willing to go anywhere depending on price. Here’s my number 331-216-4114
  2. WK1 SRT8 General Discussion
    i was wondering if maybe someone can help me find this hood online or something
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I had plans for this hood to put in the garage or a man cave but now considering selling it since I have moved and don't seem to have a nice spot for it. This is the only RED carbon fiber venom hood and was custom made for me when I had my jeep. Pictures do not do justice, looks absolutely...
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Carbon Fiber Medic Hood This is the Carbon Fiber Medic Hood which I purchased from BWoody Peformance for $1,750 a year and a half ago. If you go on the website, the hood is currently $1400. The hood is in excellent condition and I had the body shop do a custom set up for the washer fluid...
  5. Pics & Video Showoff Section
    So I picked up a new camera finally and decided to try out the clay bar. I Did some reading and watched some videos on the clay bar and figured I'd give it a shot. It was a nice day out and I had the weekend off work for once! A few hours later this is what I got...Enjoy
  6. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    1. LED Tail Lights for Jeep Grand Cherokee 07-10 with Fog Light Harness Package These are LED tail lights for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. I purchased these tail lights about a year ago from eBay. I paid $250 at the time. The item is still listed on eBay from various merchants at different...
  7. WK1 Interior/Exterior Visual Modifications
    I'll be installing my full carbon fiber hood on my beast while doing some other visual mods. I have a couple questions for the guys that have swapped hoods. Are there any tips or tricks to making the swap easy and painless? Maybe a guide for swapping hoods? List of tools required? I'm away from...
  8. Pics & Video Showoff Section
    My last "new hood" thread! lol --RED Carbon Fiber Venom Hood!!!! yes, I said RED!! Okay, so you all know I had the first Venom hood.. Well after the production number started adding up, I wanted something different, again.... But I loved the venom hood and how functional it was for me and my...
  9. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    PLEASE ONLY POST IN THIS THREAD IF YOU INTEND ON PURCHASING IT. I AM AVAILABLE PM! There ya have it, selling my Venom hood!!!! This is the FIRST one made. :p I'd prefer pick up, but can arrange shipping. PERFECT FOR ANYONE GOING TO THE MARYLAND MEET COMING UP! I'm trying to sell...
  10. Vendor Deals
    Carbon Fiber SRT8 badge - MATTE BLACK AVAILABLE NOW Hey everyone, I talked to the seller on ebay that sells these and I can get a discounted rate If I buy bulk. $25 a piece shipped free. They are made with genuine 2x2 standard weave carbon fiber with a resin coating the same as the other...
  11. Pics & Video Showoff Section
    Well, made 2 new videos the other day. Enjoyy :D :D Walk around: Dual Kicker System:
  12. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Both look brand new the tails where used for 2 weeks my friend got the prof painted then he sold his jeep so i bought them off of him. The carbon fiber step pad i bought from bwoody i never installed it and im not to crazy about it on my jeep. Tail lights $275+shippingOBO carbon fiber step pad...
1-12 of 13 Results