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  1. WK1 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    Ive been looking around to see if I can find any updates to my factory nav headunit, but it seems is not online anymore. Will I have to go to a dealer to have them update it or is there somewhere else I can download the updates? Any help would be appreciated
  2. WK1 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    Hello I need help with the installation of my system? I want to keep the factory radio I was told I could use a LC7i to get the RCA connections for aftermarket amps can I install LC7i before factory amp? Or after factory amp?
  3. WK2 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    Popped a cd into the player of my 2016 SRT. I get zero sound, disc is playing, all the info comes up on the screen, just no sound. Anyone got any idea? Do I have something set wrong?
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $$ Updates $$ (8.25.14) I'm selling several things: --Ported 6.1 heads --SOLD!!!! --Kooks cats --Treo 6x9 speakers --Bose system for certain GM SUV's. Specific details below. I may be willing to trade for audio equipment. ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING. SOLD. HPE (Hennessey) ported 6.1...
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    $85 shipped OBO or trade for 4/5 channel amp. RSX6.9 6x9 Inch Coaxial Speakers - These came out of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and are in great condition. They are a few years old, but you'd never be able to tell by looking. I replaced them with Infinity 6x9's so the front doors would match the...
  6. WK2 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    6 parts
  7. WK1 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    Hi guys. I haven't posted in a while here, been real busy with life :D. Anyways i need help installing a sub and amp for my 05 jeep. I know nothing about audio but i've been google-ing around and learned some basics. This is wat i now as of now. Power wire from battery to the amp, remote wire...
  8. WK1 Audio/Video/Nav/UConnect/Electronics
    Radio Gurus, I want to install a new touchscreen Nav system with aux jack and replace my factory 6 disc radio with sirius in my 07 SRT8 (I do not have Nav or the back up camera). Can anyone provide a recommendation for a unit that will still work with uConnect and satellite? If anyone has...
1-8 of 8 Results