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  1. Track Talk
    For those of you wanting a more track time after VMP or for those of you not able to go, I have set up a rental at ATCO for 5/12/14. This event will be limited to 20 cars or so. It's the usual daytime event, all the runs you want. Cost will be around 200.00/car plus we are having extra prep...
  2. Pics & Video Showoff Section
    So I guess you could so I grabbed a few pictures...... :rolleyes: No way was I going to go and edit any of them, so enjoy!
  3. Track Talk
    Well I want to thank everyone who had my camera for the day taking videos! Doug, I know you had it for awhile, so thanks for shooting the vids!! Also, I didn't take a lot of pics but here is what I have Keoni from behind :eek: Stop on the way up at Phil's house! Bill and the 1000hp club!
1-3 of 3 Results