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  1. WK1 SRT8 General Discussion
    I need some help! I recently purchased a 392 Hemi from a wrecked Dodge Charger. I am getting its engine, 8-speed transmission and harness. The only concern I have is can I use the Dodge harness? Or do I need a harness from a Wk2 Jeep SRT
  2. Other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat Vehicle Discussion
    Has anybody driven the 6.4l charger? I love my GC srt but they are starting to look really appealing for the money... I just wanna know what you guys think about them, Thanks
  3. WK1 General Performance Discussion
    Will the 392 intake manifold fit on our 6.1 hemi if not what do y'all think I should do and also what throttle body would y'all suggest I'm trying to keep all this kinda cheap like under a grand me and a buddy of mine are doing all the work so no labor pay and what are the specs that will fit on...
  4. Twin Turbo Creations
    5psi and slowest time was a 12.02 @ 116mph, started slowing down too soon due to a misplaced marker but oh wells. best time was a 11.767 @ 117.64 on stock goodyears/powertrain. throwing on the NT05'S tomorrow and see what happens cause i was spinning some vids from that night
  5. Vendor Deals
    Twin Turbo Kits: TTC/Hell Bent Race Cars 2 Precision 46mm Wastegates (assortment of springs) 1 Precision 50mm BOV All Aluminum Piping for coldside High Horsepower Intercooler All Stainless Steel piping for hotside All Piping joined with V-Band flanges Silicon vacuum lines for wastegates Oil...
  6. Twin Turbo Creations
    This thread will be for doing the TT Creations install not in their facility and will have pics/video and be a second guide to helping others. Will be doing the stock oil pan removal and the TT Creations oil pan which already has 2x -10 an return fittings welded in so the oil from the turbo can...
  7. Twin Turbo Creations
    I went out to visit my buddy this morning and got my first ride in his TT bone stock Jeep. I was really curious to see how well our setup would perform. I am very pleased!!
  8. WK2 SRT8 General Discussion
    Well, Chris was kind enough to make a pit stop in Richmond on his way home. Seeing the black one first at the SRT tour and now his mineral gray, well, it was completely different! I believe the MG just sets everything off about the wk2. The lines are gorgeous, front end is fabulous, and it...
  9. Twin Turbo Creations
    Starting this thread for Chris Jim's TT Jeep first ever run on Low 10Psi / Street tires and 93 pump gas , They forgot to turn up the boost .. Station KBLM - Elev : 61 ft / Temperature 55.40° Barometric Pressure 30.10 / Humidity 62.00% Standard Rel Air Density 101.10% / Track Rel...
  10. Twin Turbo Creations
    Thought you might like to see what a full blown race shop looks like and some pics of current projects. Enjoy
1-10 of 25 Results