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  • jctsnook ·
    new member and new owner of a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee srt8 with 84,000 miles. Question I have is any thoughts or input on the STS turbo system. Right now my Jeep is all stock with the exception of the intake
    SSSuwaidi ·
    Mr. Harrison,

    I want some help fitting two fuel pumps in my 2007 GC SRT I also have a 50A kenneybell BAP. I know u guys do that in stage 6 but I was wondering if u can send the stuff to me with instructions for assembly cause I live overseas or is it necessary for me to ship the fuel hat to the US for assembly? how much power will it handle? cost? time it will take?

    Bro I see you have (had?) JL Audio ZR 6.5" components. I just ordered them. I have a set of CDT 3-ways right now, and don't like them. 3" in dash locations. The sounds just isn't right. I've tried all sorts of things and can't fix it.

    I'm wondering how you have your ZRs wired? Normal, or Bi-Amp? Where is the tweeter mounted? Is the woofer in the 6x9 door locations? How do you like them? What would you do different? Thanks man!
    MichiganSRT8 ·
    hey harrison, sent you a PM but looks like your box is full, had a few problem with PM's just wanted to make sure you got them. Let me know if you did please man.
    marvinmdw8 ·
    forsale plx devices vaccum,egt,boost,afr and guage with remote all 4 modules and connections $300 call or text 9145621596 /trade for parts welcome
    remove from my turbo srt8.[/url]
    JesseJames_09 ·
    hello sir, i am very new to this forum and from what ive read i think that you are the one i need to talk to about buying a set of QA1 shocks. If this is correct, i would love to do business.
    Thank you.
    vr4jack ·
    Hi Harrison I like to buy your dual fuel pump system,when I last checked the price is 375, do you have core hats or do I need to get one and send to you. I have vortex sc with a srt4 injectors and I was using a BAB until now. I rewired the system and droped a walpro 400 but its still starving for fuell. wideband go crazy when under acceleration the tune need to be changed,or more fuell to by added.sed a massage with a info ,I need it for friday 14 .thanks Jack 636-262-9122
    007SRT8 ·
    are you the guy that was selling those safety drive shaft loops if so I would like to purchase 1 I missed out on that deal but I need 1 now for my Jeep thanks......
    HEMI TME ·
    Harrison, can I get a set of shocks for the 06 HEMI TME?
    Have you ever cut a section of a coil to lower a truck?
    I've done it on others before and didn't notice any roll issue.
    Thanks, Scotty
    SRT8 oz ·
    Thanx for help Harrison, im in Australia will that be a problem for you to send it down this way, im more then happy to pay for shipping.
    kevo ·
    Harrison what do u need to run the ram air intake n how does it sound. I have a 2008 I just bought about 2 months ago and unfortunately I'm still stock just can figure out where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    DUB ·
    do you think stage6 could fabricate me the same exhaust setup is i give my turbo specs and wastegate specs.
    I also seen where you went with a viper IAT sensor, was that for any specific reason.

    Another thing is I will using KB BAP, 800cc inj, and aeromotive fuel rails for fuel setup and added 2bar map. Any other recommendations.

    Thanks for your help
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