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  • 14srtjeep780 ·
    Hey man I was reading that you installed the mopar lowering kit. I just installed it on my 2014 I drove it for 10 km and feel as if I need a wheel alignment they just did one. And it doesn't say what springs are for the front or rear the ones on the rear had the grey rubber on the springs is that right? is it true you have to get the bwoody kit to fix it?
    TexaSRT ·
    Hi Passmg2,

    I've been doing a lot of research on the forums and see that you're pretty active in the forum threads. I wanted to reach out because,

    1- I too am an Newbie to the SRT scene and
    2- I wanted to get some information on your "build strategy".

    I too am trying to build a "modest" 2015 SRT tune without making the wife too pissy when, "she wants to go get some milk" either. Its already bad enough that she keeps comparing this ride to the one of my Overland.

    jdbrassell ·
    im trying to get out from under my 2012 300 SRT that I've had for about 8 months now. It's a great car but I don't want to drive it in the winter and I need another winter capable vehicle. ( would love to stay in the SRT bloodline )

    Is the black jeep still available?
    I live in Holland MI. Which i'm very aware is quite a distance from you.

    Please let me know if your jeep is still for sale and we can see what we can work out.

    Thanks in advance!

    Passmg2 ·
    Skip told me to watch out for knock. I haven't seen any. He can safely add power to mine but for now I want to try and hit high 11s & go back to the dyno to see what it does. My eng coolant runs 85-90 & so does trans but trans takes way longer to get there than the engine. I keep in mind all the transmission stuff you read. Mine's fine, but it does rev up between 1st & 2nd but I think these things are tough. I'm taking it baby steps. If I was getting 12.6 stock I might have left her alone.
    Mohpar ·
    Our local track just closed for the season so now I won't know exactly how well it is running compared to my EVIC. I also have 22's on right now. Should be sitting at about 600 at the wheels right now. 650 at the wheels @ 8lbs if I go back to the 3.0" pulley but would be expecting to upgrade my fuel system and trans. I put the jeep up for sale last week for about an HR. My wife said... like hell you are... so it's here for life now. I am way too deep.
    Mohpar ·
    Running a 3.25" Pulley. Also have a 3.5 and 3.0 pulley and belts. I am seeing 6;bs of boost with the 3.25. The vortech units produce allot more heat but the RIPP intercooler is massive and offsets this. I wouldn't push that jeep hard with those stock internals. Especially running low 12's. I would be biting my nails. Jeep has been back in the shop though the last 2 weeks. I was running the 3.0 puller and seeing 8lbs of boost on my stock engine when she popped.
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