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  • lefty39 ·
    I am looking for the best dollar for dollar to get 12 psi boost. I think the only mods to change over are... head unit, oil feed line from engine, 2 bypass valves, 35 mm belt and tensioner?
    Look forward to your reply. I think you have alot of knowedge to help seer me down the right road.

    Thanks lefty39
    lefty39 ·
    I see your getting more boost than I am looking for. I want 12 psi max boost with my setup. Do you think that would be the way to go is with the same setup as yours?
    lefty39 ·
    Hi, my name is Blaine. I live in Canada. My track DA is not as bad as yours....around 4000 feet DA. I have been running the vortech v3si supercharger since 2009. I liked it... but now that I re-did the engine.....only 6 psi boost with 28 tooth pully. Specs. 419 stroker, heads, cam, headers and catless exhaust. My question is...How do you like your new vortech V2 or V1 si supercharger?
    svoteam ·
    hey jose long time since we talked don't no if you remember me, im the guy who bought your mhp tcm I never installed it, I just have been playing with my mustang trying to get that sorted out, anyway can you walk me through the steps of installing it ? I want to do it right and not brick it, thanks for your help walt
    Knuckles ·
    A few guys are hitting the track in Wisconsin tomorrow morning around 8:30 am if your interested bro.... I am not going l, but a few of my local guys are...if your interested in going PM your cell number bro..
    coloradosrt8 ·
    Hey Knuckles Ethan told me to message you on here when Im in Chicago. I'll be here for a few weeks and was wondering if you guys were having any meets at all? Thanks
    My stall is 3200 and built by FTI. I think the 10.54 run was a 1.6 something 60'. I actually had a faster run and a better 60' on an index run, but I had to back out so I didn't break out and lose. I cut a 1.59 60' and let off the gas about 20+ feet before the line and ran a 10.57. Clearly could have been 10.4's and maybe the Jeep stock block record. We will never know......... unless I do it :).
    Knuckles ·
    I currently use Johan aka Diablotoona on here and will continue to use him... He works for Diablo and Dyno tunes cars all day out there... You can contact him at diablotoona at gmail dot com
    dirtyharry427 ·
    What's up man, I recently traded in my Ram SRT-10 for my Jeep SRT-8 and have bought some stuff for it. Who do you recommend for a tune cause I was thinking about bringing it to Mr. Norm's garage in Rockford.
    HEMI TME ·
    com on Dawg....sell me those ol recycled parts. Call your buddy skip about it and maybe he'll cut you same or better deal!
    Check what's lead time right now anyway for me. Also what' the Valve body upgrade do for ya?
    latr Homee
    coloradosrt8 ·
    Hey knuckles jim383 said I should ask you for advice on using the predator tuner. I recently tuned my jeep srt to 50% throttle with the tuner. My friend who is more mechanically inclined said I should ask advice on what% I should tune my throttle to? I have cold air intake and flowmaster exaust. Everything else is stock. Thank you.

    HEMI TME ·
    When is the gang meeting up, and where on the board can you find
    the info. Also, why aren't you supposed to show your plates on line ?
    I wanted to take pics and my sig is my plates so whats the Bdeal?
    Knuckles ·
    I bought it off a member on here on a Forsale thread. It cost me like 40.00 since its a genuine SRT part. You can buy one at the dealer as its off the front grill of a Dodge Charger SRT 8.
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