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  • Silvernine ·
    weird story just happened... i was looking at vids of srt8 jeeps on youtube with my little sister and she said their is this guy named "johny" who has a sick jeep, Im friends with him on facebook.... weird thing is.. It was your truck. Funny story. We are from michigan
    SRT8 LOCO ·
    Do you want the seat cover? Mine needed it bad, but I sold the truck 3 weeks ago. Leave an email or Phone # and I can mms a pic. BTW, I love your truck and have been following it for over a year. I had a '08 RR with a cai, tb, oil sep, and tune. Just let me know what you want to do.
    kingjames ·
    Johnny, you've got to get that tensioner, friend of mine broke his today, it took out water pump pully and radiator!! 30 bucks and one bolt. GET ONE !!!
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