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: Coolit Mod... I hope this isn't a duplicate post

06-13-2007, 06:04 AM
I just read about this "Coolit" mod on another site. It works for LX based cars. Would it work for the Jeep? If so, then it sounds like the answer to all of our Fan/Thermostat mods. :) Here is the link:

Here is the description from their site:

For all LX vehicle owners that run ANY non-stock thermostat, this mod is for you.

Simple to install, plugs directly into the Integrated Power Module fan relay sockets. Installs and uninstalls in minutes.

Triggered from various source options, either parking lights, fog lights, dedicated switch, etc. Standard installation uses parking lights.

Modes of operation: selected by multiple triggers (ie turn parking lights on/off 3 times rapidly):

3 - Manual LOW - both fans on low

4 - Manual HIGH - both fans on high

5 - Automatic - uses coolant temperature sensor to determine when the fans need to be on Low or High. Perfect for everyday use.

6 - OFF mode - fans return to factory stock, get turned on by PCM at normal temperatures. Good for flashing off contaminents, and when bringing car in for service.

8 - Set Base Temperature - allows any thermostat base temperature to be set/stored at any time. You set the thermostat temperature, Coolit will use this temperature plus a fixed offset to trigger fans on LOW. Offsets from Base temperature for Low, High and hysteresis are factory-set. This function is great for those that don't use a 180 degree stat, those who change the stat on race day or seasonally, or even those who use the factory stat, but want to run a few degrees cooler. Base temperature is set at 183 at factory for those who choose not to use this function to re-set it. This factory set up is optimized for the most common Motorad 4128 180 degree thermostat.

10 - Restore Defaults - Base temperature is set back to factory default vale, optimized for Motorad 4128

Fans turn off when car is turned off. Alternate wiring allows fans to operate when engine off.

Visual confirmation of mode changes - LED on Coolit board, and optional LED can be installed in cabin.

Optional LEDs can be installed in the cabin to indicate when Coolit is turning the fans on Low/High.

Audible confirmation of mode changes - Coolit wires to horn relay, providing "bips" that can be counted to verify mode changes.

Does not set any codes. PCM still can control fans, too

Remembers and boots in Auto or OFF modes, whichever it was in when car was last turned off.

06-13-2007, 09:32 AM
Guys, I want to help. I have a Charger Daytona and have been making NoESP ESP disable mods and Coolit mods fot the LX's, but I think its time to help out the Jeep community as well (I was a Jeep guy for a while, had a '95 JGC ltd 5.2 for years and loved it.)

First and foremost, I need to see the requirement from the Jeep SRT community. Second, I'll need a beta tester, preferably someone on Long Island that I can meet with. Thirdly, if it looks like I'll be selling to you guys, I'll need to become a supporting vendor before I get kicked off!

As of now, the Coolit mod will not simply plug in to the Jeep relay box. I have the Jeep service manual, and I can adapt Coolit for the Jeeps, but I need to take some accurate measurements inside the relay box.

If someone can take some close-up shots of the relay box and post here, that would be helpful.

Before I sell anyhting to any Jeep members here, I'll have to become a supporting vendor. Until then I will answer questions and work towards making Jeep mods.


06-18-2007, 06:58 PM
I'm beginning to work on a Coolit for Jeeps; I can have this available soon, but I don't have a vehicle to work with on hand. One member of this forum was kind enough to offer his vehicle for development, but I don't want to bother him just yet if I can avoid it.

Can someone take a couple of hi-res close up shots of the fan relays in thier respective relay sockets, and then a couple photos of the sockets once the relays are removed? I need to determine whether I can make a pcb that fits in there or not.

06-18-2007, 07:50 PM
I just read about this "Coolit" mod on another site. It works for LX based cars. Would it work for the Jeep? If so, then it sounds like the answer to all of our Fan/Thermostat mods. :) Here is the link:

Use my link below. It is as simple as one wire and a switch. When the switch is off it works as it would from factory. When switched on it is on high.