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: Exhaust Questions

05-01-2007, 04:08 PM
Hey all,

I've been doing a little research on finally getting some work done on the exhaust portion of the Jeep. (and have learned a great deal from the srt8 forums)

With that being said, there are essentially 3 parts to our exhaust system right? (headers, cats, cat-back)

As far as headers are concerned, it looks like there are only two solutions:
- Kooks
- Stainless Works

As far as high-flow cats, there are 3 solutions:
- Kooks
- Stainless Works
- Magnaflow

As far as cat-backs, there are alot, but the ones I'm considering are:
- Borla (Love the intercooled Borla Tips)
- Mopar

My goal is to achieve a free-flowing exhaust that still passes CA emissions and doesn't trip CEL's, so I have a few questions:
- Arer header upgrades worth the investment?

- Which hi-flow cat solution would you recommend?

- I read a while back (maybe Sgt. Stanko's post?) about X-pipes on our Jeeps actually reducing performance. (Specifically because the driver side headers were piped over to the passenger side resulting in unequal length at the X-Pipe). Wouldn't any Cat-Back system employing an X-Pipe suffer from this same problem?

Thanks in advance,


05-01-2007, 05:14 PM
I like the Mopar(made by Corsa) catback. My second choice would be Borla(it wasn't available when I purchased mine, no sound clips yet?). I don't have any of the other stuff yet, waiting for the CEL fix. IMO a X-pipe is a good thing on all steetable duals, it helps equalize/scavange/etc.