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: Report: Fiat Takeover Begins With News that 500C Engine will be Built in Michigan

12-21-2009, 11:24 AM

Fiat's plan to gobble up all of Chrysler has taken its first step forward since the Italian automaker rescued the struggling America manufacturer from bankruptcy liquidation. Currently Fiat owns 20 percent of Chrysler and has the ability to take a 35 percent share of the company if it meets three specific criteria: building a fuel-efficient engine in the United States, building a 40-mpg car in the U.S. and expanding Chrysler's reach internationally. Once those goals have been achieved, it can also purchase up to 51 percent of Chrysler.

According to a recent report by Automotive News, Fiat will build the 92-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder motor for the 500C model in Dundee, Michigan. Fiat will use $179 million to revamp the former Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance plant to do so. Rather than build the 500C in the U.S., however, the engines will then be shipped to Mexico where the 500C will be assembled, with half of the cars coming back to the U.S. and the other half headed to Brazil.

With one of the three criteria now slated to be met, it seems like Fiat most certainly has its sights set on complete control of Chrysler. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has made it clear in the past that he wants Fiat to be a global player and a secure foothold in the U.S. marketplace is a necessary step in achieving that goal.

Now we'll just await news of a U.S.-built 40-mpg car and of Chrysler's overseas expansion plans.

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12-21-2009, 11:47 AM
Roll out the jelly bean cars! I'll stick to my hybrids that burn gas and rubber.


12-21-2009, 05:32 PM
Funny that they call this little shoebox a 500c. I would think it would be more appropriate to name it the 100c and avoid brand confusion.

12-22-2009, 07:06 PM
^^+1. not worthy of a (#)00C designation. Just call it the Fiat 500. And don't sell them in texas. They don't belong with all our big cars.
I may not have the best carbon footprint going for me by driving this jeep and the pre-emissions cars, but I am enjoying the incredible machines that these manufacturers have been producing. I just hope this doesn't spell another musclecar downfall like what's happened before!

12-22-2009, 07:11 PM
It's actually a pretty high tech engine and the multiair will be in the Pentastar engines.

Chrysler Group LLC will debut Fiatís 1.4-liter, in-line four-cylinder Fully Integrated Robitized Engine (FIRE) featuring Multiair in the Fiat 500 starting in 2010. The engine, well-suited for a small car application, delivers 100 horsepower (75 kW) at 6,750 rpm and 95 lb.-ft. (129 Nēm) of torque at 4,250 rpm. A turbo version also will be available in future applications. The 1.4-liter FIRE features Fiatís Multiair technology, which significantly reduces emissions while improving fuel economy and power delivery.

The 1.4-liter FIRE features four valves per cylinder and incorporates state-of-the-art technology for Fully Variable Valve Actuation (FVVA), also known as MultiAir. Multiair is a sophisticated technology that delivers an increase in power up to 10 percent and a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions up to 10 percent when compared to similar engines. A turbo version of the engine is also planned and will produce a fuel economy improvement up to 25 percent when compared to a V-6 engine with equivalent power.

The MultiAir system consists of electro-hydraulic variable valve actuators filled with conventional oil, which is interposed between the camshaft and each valve. A solenoid valve is energized every 360-degree camshaft rotation, regulating the quantity of oil addressed to the actuator or to a reservoir. The lift of the valve is a function of the quantity of oil addressed to the actuator, ranging from full lift to complete valve closure. Each solenoid valve may also delay application of the actuator in advance, leading to late valve opening or early valve closing.

MultiAir is exclusive for Chrysler Group in North America and is based on a series of Fiat Powertrain patents related to hardware, combustion strategies and controls that allow for full control of the lift and timing of engine valves.
In the early 1970s, robotics in assembly plants was not common. The term ďFIREĒ came into existence when Fiat integrated the use of robotics in the production process of manufacturing plants. Although mechanized assembly is commonplace today, the brand name FIRE has remained with Fiatís powertrain lineup.

The 1.4-liter FIRE with Multiair is the world's first mass production engine to incorporate such technology to control the intake valves. Dedicated components have been developed to accommodate four "bricks" (one for each cylinder), which package relevant components. MultiAir technology can be adapted to different types of engines, including Diesels for enhanced NOx control, and is planned for Chrysler Powertrain's four-cylinder World Gas Engine and all-new Pentastar V-6.


12-24-2009, 08:10 AM
Here's a video of the Fiat 500 Abarth...