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: 392/426 ci Rotating Assemblies!

03-16-2007, 10:48 AM
Hello all!

Rotating assemblies are now available!

Designed for performance and built for durability a Compstar Modern Hemi crankshaft will provide years of reliable high horsepower service. Machined from triple heat treated and ion nitrided 4340 material these shafts have strength to handle the most severe application. Available with 4.050 stroke and 2.100 rod journals Compstar Hemiís will easily create 426 cu. inches when placed into a 6.1 liter block. Standard features include extra post keyway for blower applications, gun drilled mains, drilled rod journals, and fully shaped and contoured counterweights.

4.050" Stroke/ 2.100 Pin dia.
392 cu. in. Using 5.7 Block
426 cu. in. Using 6.1 Block
Billet Reluctor(tone wheel) Installed
Available as "Speed Pack" Rotating Assemblies

Compstar Crankshaft, Compstar rods, Mahle pistons, rings, and bearings. Fully balanced!

392 ci = $2692.84

426 ci = $2724.84

FREE shipping in the 48 continental United States!