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04-22-2009, 12:19 PM
We're happy to announce that, by popular demand, this forum will now feature the formal buyer/seller feedback system called iTrader.

iTrader is designed to help users determine whether they wish to deal with another member. It works much like eBay's feedback system. Feedback can be left for buyers, sellers and barters (trades). We also allow feedback for our vendor sponsors using iTrader.

iTrader feedback cannot be changed, edited or erased, so be sure to make only fair and factual comments and check yourself before you click 'submit'

We do have a few simple rules if you plan to use the new feedback tool:

-All feedback MUST be pertinent to deals that took place on this forum
-Please DO include the thread link in the feedback when possible
-DO NOT issue retaliation feedback to someone for giving you negative feedback
-DO NOT use iTrader as a threat or intimidation
-DO NOT give false feedback - Only FIRST HAND feedback is permitted
-DO NOT leave feedback based on someone else's experience
-Please contact the other party before leaving negative feedback. Often problems can be worked out and that chance should be given FIRST. Keep all negative feedback mature and constructive. Profanity, or name calling (scammer, liar, etc.), posting of personal information, will not be tolerated
-Negative feedback should include a detailed description of the issue and a description of efforts made to resolve any problems in addition to the sale link
-No double negative feedback; if the forum has a Buyer/Seller feedback section, you may post a thread in that section or post an iTrader rating to detail your transaction problem, but you may not use both to essentially "punish" twice

-How to issue iTrader feedback-
-Click on the buyer/sellers username from any post, or their profile to open the option menu. Click on 'View iTrader Profile'
-From the submit form you can leave feedback for the user by filling in the form accordingly
-You may also leave detailed transaction notes that are only visible to buyer, seller, and staff

iTrader scores tally as follows:
*Positive: +X
*Neutral: X
*Negative: -X

Abuse of the iTrader system will result in removal of feedback and a formal warning, infraction, suspension, or ban depending on the circumstances.

-All other forum rules and disclaimers apply-