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: Bundle Head & Tune Sale: $2275 or add Intake for $2975. GET YOURS TODAY

Power Ported Performance
01-23-2007, 08:56 PM
Take advantage of a limited time offer.

*6.1 Maxx Head kit _ B&G SRT 8 2005/2006 SRT-8 Flash*

Fully CNC ported 6.1 castings, 2.08x1.60 valves (370cfm), priority valve job, titanium retainers, Viton seals, heat insulator intake gaskets, Manley polished bee hive springs, 5/16 chrome moly push rods, fully assembled.

Stage II
Revised premium 91-93 oct fuel (MBT) timing & WOT fuel tables Rev limit raised to 6450 or 6800 Idle speed raised to 750 Firmer Shifts Modified torque management

6.1 Package price $2275.00 (You can add the ported intake manifold to this for a total of $2975.00)

*Core charges note included in the price above

More details for each product can be seen on our website. We're here to provide you with great service and excellent prices. Let us know if you need any info about these or anything else that we carry.


Power Ported Performance is very well known and respected in the LX aftermarket community. This company was built by, for, and through the LX community and as its founder I have been innovating top quality products for the LX and New HEMI enthusiast since late 2005!

As many of you know Power Ported Performance started by offering 5.7 or 6.1 CNC ported Heads along with ported 6.1 Intake Manifolds, and these products have been making New HEMI enthusiastsí performance dreams become reality throughout 2006. The Stroker motors you are reading so much about lately are the latest realization of my efforts and were tested in my own vehicle to prove not only drivability, but reliability.

I would now ask that you continue to support Power Ported Performance for your upgrade options as a company that was built with integrity and an honest desire to deliver serious, performance packages to our community. So you are probably asking yourselves, why should I do business with Power Ported Performance? Honestly, I can only provide a promise to continue to drive innovation, with integrity. I am first and foremost just like you, an owner and an enthusiast. I drove the development of the Indy Head product line. Iíve invested my own money, time and vehicles to make this a proven package. I am here to help. Customer Service is my number one priority and that means you are number one. Power Ported Performance does not have one unsatisfied customer. I will make sure you are satisfied.

For your performance needs, be assured that you will be well taken of, so please call me today for combinations that work from the company that proved it!


Jeremy Steinman