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: DUB Air Cold Air Intake installed...

SRT Canuck
11-14-2006, 08:49 PM
:D Took if for a spin after installation. Instructions said it will take about 100 miles for the engine controller chip to adjust for the increased air flow. Here is what I noticed right away.

1) Normal acceleration, no additional noise or roar, a bit more responsive.
2) Moderate acceleration, a tad bit more roar, noticing the responsive more.
3) Harder acceleration, the thing screams...deep roar, much more responsive, pulls harder in acceleration and yes, you can tell the difference in acceleration. Definitely a lot more punch! I am very please with the performance and operation of the system.

Some tips.

1)Rather than waisting time wrestling to get the orginal cold air flow mass/temp sensor out, I went and got another one for the Dub Air intake.

2) Soapy water helps on the install when joining the metal to hoses or getting the clamps into position and working with the sensor.

3) On the cold air box, I bent the four tabs upward a bit more towards the top of the box to give a snugger lock in at the back since the front locking snap should secure it properly when locking it down...more of a spring locking.

4) By proper aligning the system, you can use the hosing connecting the air filter to the main tubing to seal off the hole in the air box more snuggly around the black rubber gasket.

5) I routed the the smaller hose on top of the red elbow joint to avoid any contact with bolts. Dub routes in under the elbow. Too close to moving belt, hot block and potential bolt abraision. I used a large tie strap to secure it.


11-14-2006, 09:48 PM
Had very similar results with the Mopar...Love it so far.
Pretty easy install, had a problem with the O2 sensor and the bolt holding on the stock air box, but all in all not too bad.
Money coming Bob.