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Originally Posted by DCsnow1000 View Post
Im not to familiar with VA laws but just sounds like the Cop was on a bad day or just a douche. Just having to pull the tint is no biggums!
I know the VA laws and only reason I was cooperating was because I knew I was at wrong and I have some other tint tickets as well as things he also listed wrong. (Tail lights, no front plate, no orange amber)

Originally Posted by Marylandm3 View Post
Damn. Sounds like the cops wife stopped ****ing him. Lol

Sucks Johnny. Luckily no big deal, easy to pull off.

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I agree. I'm mad because I could have ended up leaving it on because he had to leave and never came back, but I'll get it done again at some point.

Originally Posted by Tyson33 View Post
Wow, that's harsh! That would've been pretty hard for me to keep my cool I think. I know the law here in Illinois is 35% on front side windows, however I've always had 5% on every vehicle I've owned. It's a simple $65 ticket if you get pulled over so I usually always keep it in my glove compartment, give it and drive away without having to sit thru all the bullshit talking and such. I haven't got pulled over in my jeep yet but it's only a matter of time as these things stick out as you all know.
Thing is, the officer didn't want to hear anything from me, just the guy driving who really wasn't aware of all the things not legal on the Jeep. I was only keeping my cool because I knew the position we are in and I wasn't 100% on the laws..

Originally Posted by J&D's SRT's View Post
That's some BS Johnny, not sure about the law there at all. I think he was probably just being a d!ck & having a bad day. I thought I remember reading you had a RX for the tint though. I guess all in all just pulling it off & the other guy not getting any tickets isn't to bad in the end. Can't believe there were some waiting down the street though, that is kind of weird IMO. So when is it going back on?
Yeah, I'd imagine he was having a bad day or looked up the license plates and saw all the previous tickets. Thing is, he never got MY name, only the drivers license. I had the RX but it is only from the doctor and not confirmed from DMV, which then only allows you to do a strip on the top of the windshield and tint to 35%... It'll be back on after school or when it gets warm again haha

Originally Posted by SemperP-SRT8 View Post
Take your license plates and have your Jeep impounded?!?!?!?! Holy cow Johnny what a di*khead. Before I got into the uscg I use to do ride-a-longs twice a week every week for a while bc I was wanting to go into law enforcement and 90% of the guys were cool as hell. But there were definitely a couple who lived up to that A-typical stereotype that would do things like this. Most of them though wouldn't even waste their time with something like that. Either that or like DJ said he was just having a real bad day. I'm suprised the officer took it there right off the bat. That's the kinda of reaction I would have expected from the driver poppin off and gettin verbal. I think you did the only thing you could have done in that situation not knowing about the laws. Good for you for keeping a cool head.
Yeah, when he said I had 2 options, I was like what.... I refused to remove the tint from the entire car and he started to get pissed, I said he could write a ticket for that but I would remove the windshield tint because I know that can be dangerous and is not legal whatsoever here in Virginia.

Originally Posted by kmitch80 View Post
I dunno bout VA, but NORMALLY that is supposed to be a fix-it ticket and you have 30 days to do so. Having you do it there on the spot is complete BS. kinda like a broken headlamp etc. They CANNOT keep your jeep there. I'd look more into the VA laws. I got pulled over for window tint here in NM, (once in 10 years). Guy was a d!ck. But he wrote a warning and i went about my way. Never fixed it.
Not a fix0it ticket here unless you get it fixed and let the judge determine it. If you are a repeat offender, they usually won't drop it. Luckily, I was at my ex-gf dad's dealership, so I had the proper tools and could have left it there if necessary, but I was heading to school that afternoon.....

Originally Posted by Chaoul1 View Post
They can't take away your plates. Period. He was lying and trying to scare you. Did you happen to get the Badge number or his name?
I asked him how could he take my plates and he didn't want to talk to me so much because I wasn't driving nor in the car. He just said those were my 2 options. Didn't get his badge but I got his name. I've already sent my local county cop a text about it.

Originally Posted by kmitch80 View Post
Originally Posted by jps043 View Post
I have a similar experience in VA with my previous jeep that had a tinted windshield. Cop wrote me up for 4 tickets just because he was a d1ck. Hate to hear it Johnny but you handled it the right way. The law always wins.
Yeah, I mean I was pulled over twice in the past 2.5 months for the tint on the side and they never noticed the windshield. Those are my only 2 tickets in like 3 years and a tinted tail light one.

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Some just take there jobs way to seriously .. Thats what happens when you give some people power!!!!
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Originally Posted by Tyson33 View Post
Wow, I went school in Bloomington (ISU) and thankfully I never ran into that cop giving out $500 tickets!

Well apparently the cops where I live only go by the 35% rule because that's all I've ever been told since I was able to drive. Good to know tho...thanks!

I never even see cops when I'm in Bloomington, LOL.

A lot of cops go by 35%. My dad got pulled over and the cop was going on and on about 35%, and his looked too dark, blah, blah, blah.....metered at 45% since it's 50% tint and the cop was scratching his head.
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Originally Posted by cmn1 View Post
If rear tint is darker than 35% (metered at 30% or lower) then you can only have 50% front (meter at 45% or higher).
Factory tint is generally like 20%
So technically only allowed 50% on something such as ours.

35% only pertains to your vehicle never had tinted windows in the rear and then you can do 35% all around. Also a tint ticket in the city of Chicago is $250 so watch out when traveling there.
Get's pretty technical there huh... In VA, on a car like the Jeep, the front 2 can be 50% and the back seat can be 35%.. the rest can be 0%.

Originally Posted by DCSpecial View Post
To add to this, according to the law they can fine up to $500. Depends on the town. One of my sister's friends in Bloomington got hit for $500.

Second offense in IL is a misdemeanor and they can tow your vehicle if they want. Up to the officer and how well they know the laws.
Just like bumper height and frame height violations on lifted trucks........I generally read up on certain laws in the IL Vehicle Code, LOL
Yeah, I'm not sure on the second third, etc offense here. Last time I was pulled over for tint, I told the officer I had just been pulled a few weeks ago and he let me go with a ticket of my tail lights... lol How nice.

Originally Posted by WBSL View Post
That's bs. I just got a ticket few weeks back. 4 actually. Windshield, 5% 2 fronts, blacked out tails and no front plate( which nv law is if you don't have a front plate bracket your not required to have a plate). Pulled me over at night to top it off. I just got my medical tint exempt approved should be in the mail this week so no more tint tickets for me. So just going to fix the tails to dark anyway
Sounds like what I get every time I get pulled over. haha

Originally Posted by Scotty D View Post
Wow.. Up here in Mass they are bad in some city .. Really depends on the cop i guess .I've always put 5% myself ..Had it on 01 z06 ,03 escalade , 05 SSR , Everything pretty much.. The windshield .. Never .. It looks sick.. But how can you see out of it ??? I could hardly see out my sides at night .. LOL.. And if they give me a hard time when i'm getting a sticker once a year.. I just remove it from the 2 fronts.. And put it back on after.. LOL.. Its $250 fine up here as well .. And a moving violation.. SUCKS!
That's the thing, I agree it can be dangerous at night, but I usually am not out at night; if so, I'm driving another car. Also, I typically will have my windows down unless it is cold/raining.

Originally Posted by boostdacr View Post
that sucks, I know for "trucks" the back windows (behind the driver) can be whatever you can spray paint them if you feel like it. Not sure what is considered a "truck" though.
What I said earlier about the VA tint laws and using the Jeep as an example is what the judge told me when I went to court last time.

Originally Posted by Regency View Post
Hate cops like that
Makes me hate cops when I used to want to be one
I hear you on at. I'd be one and would either not even pull someone over or pull them over and see how polite they were, then making a decision..

Originally Posted by SRT48 View Post
Darn Johnny! Sounds like the cop was not being very professional at all. I don't think holding you there and saying it had to come off now sounds right at all. At the end of the day you came away ok though. Knowing how VA police is and knowing your rig it could have been much more of a bad day.
Several guys there said the same, he didn't seem professional, but we weren't 100% on all the laws.. Yeah, the local county police know my ride and luckily I know a majority of them, in a good way. haha

Originally Posted by Tyson33 View Post
Wow, I went school in Bloomington (ISU) and thankfully I never ran into that cop giving out $500 tickets!

Well apparently the cops where I live only go by the 35% rule because that's all I've ever been told since I was able to drive. Good to know tho...thanks!
I couldn't imagine a $500 tint ticket...
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Here's a little in progress picture.. LOL I'm sure the gloomy and rainy day made it look pretty dark

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Yeah that windshield looks really dark! Really like your winter set up!! Looks sweet!
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My last vehicle (06 Ram 1500) i had 5% on everything and 35% on the windshield i last 9 months as here in Alberta were arnt aloud any tint even on front windows let alone windshields was nice while it lasted wont do it agian tho.

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Cop was being a complete dick head. I'm sorry if I offend anyone on here but I hate Chicago cops with a passion!!!! The shit I have personally seen them do and the shit I have been a victim of is not rite in any way, shape ,or form. Now under my lawyers advice when I get pulled over not just by Chicago but any cop, I refuse to get out of my vehicle. I ask them why I was pulled over and when they ask me to step out, I tell them write the ticket for what you pulled me over for, and I'm not getting out of my vehicle on the advice of my lawyer. If the insist, I let them know I'm calling 911 and getting a supervisor to the scene. I have had to do that once in Carol Stream.
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Seems like window tint is just a gamble.

I was pulled over in VA for "disobeying a highway sign", but with NM plates on the WK2. Cops didn't say anything about the tint. Got a ticket for disobeying a highway sign. Basically speeding, but he didn't clock me. Just saw and heard me flooring it.

I got pulled over in Franklin, KY for tinted tails in the WK1 and with MI Plates. Cop didn't say anything about tinted windows. Just a warning.

I've been pulled over a few times in MI when I was around 18-20 years old for limo 5% tint on my cars with MI plates. Sometimes specifically for window tint. Sometimes for speeding and then writing the tint ticket too. Sometimes for speeding and they didn't care about the tint. It all just depended. I would just pay the fine and not fix it. I did have a doctors note eventually, but not registered with the DMV and got a couple tickets dismissed.

Once I had my 05 Grand Cherokee Laredo around 22 I stopped being bother about 5% tint in Michigan. Maybe just a profiling thing with my other cars.

Living in Albuquerque cops don't seen to care about 5% tint. Even when I've been pulled over a couple times nothing has been said about the limo or w/s tint. But, my w/s is a light 78% neutral colored film, not charcoal color.

Again, it's just seems to be a hit or miss gamble and depends on what the office wants to do.

Oh yeah, got pulled over in MI with the WK1 with MI plates for careless driving. Speeding, 120mph, racing, etc.... Cop didn't care about limo tint or tinted tails.

Got pulled over in IL for a tinted license plate cover in the WK2 with NM plates. Just a warning on the plate cover, no mention about limo tint.

It's just rolling the dice! The sunny desert states are more forgiving about dark tint. AZ seems more strict because of illegals and whatnot. My mom took my Laredo to Vegas and was pulled over in AZ for limo tint. Just a warning.

Those are some of my stories lol.

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Call me if you ever get locked up Johnny Boy....big papa come getcha!
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